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2020 Annual General Meeting

Welcome to the SIOPSA Annual General Meeting Information Page

The SIOPSA constitution stipulates an Annual General Meeting of the Society at which matters of common interest is discussed and at which the Executive Committee shall report on activities in the promotion of the vision and objectives of the Society.  During this meeting Full members of the Society can present propositions to the benefit of the society whereby members attending the session can vote for these propositions.  It is also custom that during the Annual General Meeting the next President-Elect is voted for and announced.  Nominations for Honorary members are also announced and to be revealed during the meeting.


During March this year, South Africa was placed on a national lockdown with restricted social interaction for its citizens to support the world-wide drive to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus infection.  This implied that we had to re-look our events and social interactions and the way we address it.  To address our support towards the flattening of the Corona-Virus spread, SIOPSA decided to host this year’s Annual General Meeting on a virtual platform.  This way we secure the safety of our members and make it possible for more of our members to attend the session as would be the case with a face-to-face session.

Members received notification to register for the Annual General Meeting and are required to register their details to receive the link to the join the session.




Four candidates was nominated for President-Elect 2020/2021.  Members can vote for their candidate untill 24 July 2020.  The voting process is currently managed by an Independent Auditing Company who will present the outcome of the voting process during the Annual General Meeting on 29 July 2020.



Honorary Life Members

The Executive Committee may invite persons to become honorary life members of the Society. Such persons shall have distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement or service in the sphere of Industrial or Organisational Psychology as a science and / or profession. Honorary life members shall be discharged from liability for Membership Fees.




Constitutional Ammendments

Proposed constitutional amendments may be initiated by the Executive Committee or by full members.  Written notice of such motion shall be communicated to members not less than thirty days before the Annual General Meeting and proposals shall be lodged with the Secretary timeously.  Such proposed amendments shall be put to the vote at the Annual General Meeting and, if accepted by a two-thirds majority of full members voting in person or by proxy, shall become effective immediately after the closure, be referred for a postal ballot to all full members.


AGM Minutes

View Minutes from Annual General Meeting held on 22 July 2019 here


Annual Report

View the 2018/2019 Annual Report here



Download the SIOPSA constitution here