2022/23 President-Elect | SIOPSA


The President-Elect voting process starts 27 May 2022 and ends 1 July 2021, two (2) working days prior to the Annual General Meeting of 6 July 2022.  Accountants-on-Site, was appointed by SIOPSA to manage the voting process as an independent third party.  The results will be revealed by Accountants-on-Site during the Annual General Meeting assembly.  Full members and Honorary members will receive an email invitation containing the voting information and voting form by the SIOPSA office.  To read more about the SIOPSA President-Elect process in the SIOPSA constitution, section 5 click here

Dr Ruwayne Kock

Dr Ruwayne serves on the Management and Executive Committee of Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology as Transformation Portfolio and Black Industrial and Organisational Psychology (BIOP) Caucus Chairs.  Read more

Ingra Du Buisson-Narsai

Ingra du Buisson-Narsai is a registered Industrial and Organisational (I/O) Psychologist and currently serves as Executive Chair for the Interest Group for Applied Organisational Neuroscience.  Read more

Dr Sane Moleko

Dr Sane is an Industrial Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and serves as SIOPSA Executive Chair for the Marketing, Communication and Branding portfolio.  Read more

Sylvia Baloyi

Sylvia Baloyi is a registered Industrial Psychologist and as a SIOPSA member, she has served in Exco in various portfolios and is currently an Executive Chair for Professional Practice. Read more


Results will be announced at the AGM, 6 July 2022.  Should you experience any difficulty with completing the form, please contact info@siopsa.org.za for assistance.