A word from our President

Dear Colleagues

Reflecting on the last six months, the SIOPSA Executive Committee has remained active in pulling together all measures which will have helped us towards delivering on the mandate obtained by our members at the Annual General Meeting in July 2017. The biggest achievements are as follows:

  • To fill the vacancy for the President-elect
  • To develop a sustainable financial plan for approval by our members
  • To address and action all outstanding Constitutional matters
  • To initiate the design & development of the new website

These outstanding items were supported at the special AGM of 29 November 2017. The perspective from members who attended the special AGM was positive. However, EXCO was asked to continue in their strategies of ensuring a sustainable SIOPSA.

EXCO and the Office team jointly continue to be transparent in our decision making and communication processes. The process of developing a new website will impact tremendously towards enabling an improved member experience and how they engage with the society. It felt good to close out December 2017 with a supportive and motivated SIOPSA office, which allowed the EXCO team to deliver on the goals of the respective portfolios. An EXCO member needs to be in their role for at least two years or more to lead their portfolio effectively, i.e. gain clarity from their activities and truly experience the impact they can make

I am prompted by the current drought in the Western Cape and what it feels like to be restricted by access to sufficient water. When landing from Johannesburg where water is usually available in abundance, one very quickly feels a need to adapt to less. The citizens of Cape Town are experiencing the worst weather patterns since 1895, i.e. 123 years ago. When citizens are faced with such scarcity, their tendency to pull together becomes stronger. My observation thus far, is that each individual is playing their part in contributing to saving water.

In economic terms, scarcity of resources refers to the gap between limited and the limitless wants and desires of a society. When resources are scarce it requires people to make decisions about how to allocate resources efficiently, in order to satisfy basic needs and as many additional wants and desires as possible.

Turning our focus back to SIOPSA we understand that our work in not yet done. There are certain limitations which we will continue to face, for example our membership totals may continue to be influenced by slow economic growth or our conference fees may continue to be on the rise as inflation continues to shift upward. However, we have an opportunity to develop the distinctive art of pulling together through inclusivity.

Going forward, our conference theme ‘The Art of Collaboration’ begs us to open our hearts to unlock each opportunity for inclusivity and adaptability. Given our sharp awareness of taking less for ourselves in saving water, we know we will be able to build the sustainability of a society where all Industrial & Organisational Psychologists in South Africa feels proud to be a member of. We want every IOP to realise that joining SIOPSA’s purpose for a better South Africa, through our work in organisations and communities is no longer an option.

Each drop of water saved can equate to each human being nurtured through IOPs making a real difference viz-a-viz #IOPimpact, #IOPsych and leading #SocietalChange in order for all of humanity to experience increased #SocietalHealth and #Well-being.

We need you – the artist, innovator, the networker, coordinator, actioner and collaborator.



Shirleen Titus