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About our Clumsy Conversation Series

A key action emerging from our BIOP Caucus action plan is to have monthly seminars of 60 minutes on key topics in the broader context of transformation: including mental models and unconscious bias, critical race theory, ‘whiteness’, internalised racism, language in racism, microaggressions, inclusion, social capital & networks, ally ship, professional identity, etc.The webinars will have the following characteristics:
  • Consider them to be ‘clumsy’ conversations on critical transformation issues, yet adopting a conversational style of discovery, rather than finality.
  • A psychological safe, yet authentic conversation space.
  • Different discussants will introduce the topic for 15’, followed by a 40’ discussion with participants, and a 5’ summation.
We invite you to participate in these webinars as ongoing conversations on promoting the transformation agenda of SIOPSA.

For any questions kindly contact Dr Andrew Johnson at

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Thank you to all the contributors for making the Clumsy Series a must watch and attended event on the SIOPSA Calendar.

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