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Corporate Membership

SIOPSA invites all organisations which has an interest in Industrial or Organisational Psychology as a science and / or profession, who wishes to become part of the SIOPSA corporate membership.

The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA) is on track to deliver on its vision for 2020 by expanding its reach beyond individual members to include selected corporate members.

“Since its establishment in 2005 as a Society focusing solely on Industrial and Organisational (IO) Psychology, SIOPSA has worked hard to bed down a growth strategy that would not only benefit IO professionals, but that would also raise the profile of this field and its many benefits for the South African workforce. Taking hands with Corporate South Africa is key to reaching this objective.

Partnering with corporate companies makes sense from a business perspective but also from an aspirational perspective where both SIOPSA and corporate members are committed to see a productive and transformed workforce, empowered by evidence-based policy- and decision-making.”

Corporate South Africa has the real, rubber-meets-the-tar experience of IO practice. SIOPSA draws from its international collaborators, local research and extensive individual membership base to be able to craft the best possible IO Psychology solutions for the workplace. By pooling resources and expertise, the Society and its corporate members can take the benefits of IO Psychology to a higher level. We believe it can play a significant role in influencing the South African workforce – both employer and employees.

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For more information, contact:

Madele Nelson
Membership Growth
Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of SA (SIOPSA)