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Accreditation Fees 2020

ASP** Non-accredited SP / Individual*

R4 658

Level 1 (1 CEU/hr (max 8/d)) Small groups: Presentations, meetings, symposia, ward rounds, case study discussions, journal clubs, mentoring/supervising Maximum of R1405.00 per application


Large groups: Conferences, symposia, refresher courses N/A Maximum R469.00 per CEU [Accreditation to include presenters, authors and reviewers]

R615 International congress applications

Non-accredited SP Individuals
Level 2 Publications (book, journal article)  N/A Maximum of R615.00
Article review  N/A Maximum of R615.00
Presenters/authors paper/poster at congress N/A Included in level 1 application Maximum of R615.00
Keynote/invited speaker N/A Included in level 1 application Maximum of R615.00
Presenter short course/workshop N/A Included in level 1 application Maximum of R615.00
Learning material with MCQ evaluation N/A Maximum of R670.00 per article & question set. N/A
Undergrad supervision N/A  N/A N/A
Postgrad examiner N/A N/A  N/A
Single Masters modules N/A N/A  N/A
Journal clubs with outcome/evaluation N/A R1418.00 per application  N/A
Learning portfolios; Practice audit N/A N/A R2904.00

Level 2: 

Prior approval by an accreditor necessary

  • short courses with a minimum of 25 hours with additional clinical hands-on training, plus a formal assessment of the outcome – successful completion of an activity at this level will earn thirty CEUs; and
  • short courses less than 25 hours, with a measurable outcome (1 CEU per hour).

*such as private hospitals, private non-profit groups, commercial enterprises or companies that support health professionals through products or services

**Accredited service providers – Training institutions (Department/s, Discipline/s or Unit/s in the health and education public sector); Professional Associations (national, branch/es or committee/s)  and Formally constituted Professional Interest Groups (Affiliation with a professionally recognised institute, organisation and/or association and/or Branch/es or committee/s who have proven knowledge and skills in the relevant field and are in good standing in the group with a formally appointed Chairperson)