CPD Overview

On 9 December 2016 the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) awarded the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA) CPD accreditor status in the field of Industrial and Organisational (IO) Psychology and psychometry.

Prior to SIOPSA being awarded this accreditation status, there were only 4 CPD accreditors with none of them specializing in the field of IO Psychology.  With SIOPSA now able to accredit CPD-related events for continuing education units, we can further lighten the HPCSA’s burden by performing the relevant accreditation, administration and compliance monitoring tasks.

We encourage you, therefore, to consider registering your CPD events targeted at IO Psychology professionals, with SIOPSA.

Event Accreditation

General CPD points will be awarded for content and/or contact (notional) hours and will not be awarded for activities such as lunch and tea.

How To Apply for Accreditation
  • SIOPSA will accredit CPD activities and service providers for Industrial and Organisational Psychology and Psychometric related activities.
  • When the activities fall outside the Industrial Psychology scope, it must be referred to the appropriate Accreditor within which domain the activities fall.
  • No retrospective approvals will be made, in other words, approval for CPD activities must be done prior to the commencement of the activities.
  • When the activity has an ethics component in you wish to apply for ethics CPS points, you must provide evidence that presenters have had ethics specific training and the ethics aspect of the programme must be clearly indicated and emphasised, and be within the profession of Industrial Psychology.
  • Please consult all relevant documents provided by the HPCSA (CPD Guidelines Sept 2017; PSB CPD guidelines for Accreditors – June 2017; PSB CPD Guidelines for Practitioners – 30 June 2017; PSB CPD Guidelines for Providers – 30 June 2017).

Should you wish to apply as a CPD accreditor please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Please complete the CPD2a application form – CPD-2-A

Step 2: Please submit the following documentation with your application form:

  1. A detailed content outline of the activity, including:
    1. Topic/s and outline of the content/s
    2. Venue /Date/s
    3. Start and end time of each activity
    4. Program outline with times
    5. Attendance list to be used for the activity
    6. Attendance certificate (FORM CPD3)
    7. Evaluation forms to be used for the activity and completed by the audience (FORM CPD7)
  2. CVs of applicants/presenters and all co-presenters as well as their professional registration numbers (EXAMPLE CV FORMAT). In this case of cross discipline applications, applicants need to indicate how the members of the psychology profession will benefit from the activities. In the case of international courses and programmes, evidence must be provided from the local accreditation/professional body, as well as the expertise of the presenters.

STEP 3: Submit Application and supporting documents to  crystal.hoole@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: Accreditation fees are charged according to the guidelines provided by the HPCSA (MOST RECENT PRICE INDEX).

Once received, the submitted documents will serve before SIOPSA’s review committee; the applicant will then receive an email back showing the status of the application as well as an invoice.  Please ensure that proof of payment is sent to accounts@siopsa.org.za

Prior to submitting your application, please refer to the below guideline forms:

We believe IO Psychology has an enormous role to play in empowering a productive, transformed and fulfilled South African workforce and we look forward to working with you in reaching this goal.

CPD Contact Information

Crystal Hoole
E-mail: crystal.hoole@gmail.com
Mobile: 0827299843

CPD Accredited Activities

It is our continuous pledge to provide our members with cost effective and value-added services such e-CPD.

With our extended relationship with our service provider AOSIS all SIOPSA Members (with the exclusion of non-paying guests and students), will now be able to complete eCPD/eCEU activities which totals 30 CEU/CPD points.  By implication, all paid up and new members of the society will now be able to obtain all the 24 Clinical and 6 Ethical CEUs required by the Board at no additional cost.

As a member of SIOPSA all your CPD requirements with the HPCSA are covered by just paying your normal annual SIOPSA Membership fee. No ‘extra’ payments. No ‘hidden costs’. No ‘time off work’. You can complete these activities at the leisure of your own time.

Therefore, AOSIS will provide the following eCPD activities to all *SIOPSA Members at no additional cost:

  • 8 x 3 (Clinical) CEU/CPDsactivities via SAJIP articles per year per member.
  • 1 x 6 Ethics CEU/CPDsactivities via SAJIP articles per year per member.
  • This comes to 30CEUs per member per year.
  • The CPD certificates will be issued under the eCPD Healthcare Accreditation number.
How to book and use the eCPD service:
  • There are two processes which need to be followed, (1) SIOPSA registration and event booking and (2) AOSIS registration and login.
  • For clarity relating to this service offering, please contact the SIOPSA Office, email info@siopsa.org.za or phone 0860 SIOPSA (746 772)
  • Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa.
  • Web: www.siopsa.org.za

Industrial Psychology Is the scientific study of human behaviour in the workplace and applies psychological theories and principles to organizations and individuals in their workplace.

Psychometrics Is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. One part of the field is concerned with the objective measurement and the other part is concerned with statistical research bearing on measurement theory.

Accreditor A group or institution appointed by a Professional Board to review and approve applications for the provision of CPD activities (within its profession’s ambit) by organizations and individuals without accredited service provider status; to monitor these activities; and to revise continuing education units (CEUs) allocated where the provider failed to comply with the rules and regulations of the CPD guidelines. Professional Boards may delegate their responsibility for accrediting service providers to Accreditors with the mutual agreement of the Accreditor. The criteria and processes to be followed as well as the procedures for record keeping are contained in the Criteria and Guidelines for Accreditors document.

Accredited Service Providers are the profession specific higher education institutions and departments, professional associations or formally constituted professional interest groups who meet the specified criteria and have been accredited by the Board/ or its designated Accreditor to present learning activities for Continuing Professional Development.

Attendance register is the record of attendees at the learning activity reflecting the names, the HPCSA registration numbers of those present and their signatures on completion of the activity. This register must be held by the presenting organisation or institution for three years following the activity; the original register may be audited in a compliance check.

Continuing Education Units(CEUs) indicate the value attached to a learning activity for Continuing Professional Development.

Continuing Professional Development In terms of Section 26 of the Health Professions Act, 1974 (Act No. 56 of 1974) the HPCSA may from time to time make rules which prescribe – (a) conditions relating to continuing education and training to be undergone by persons registered in terms of this Act in order to retain such registration; (b) the nature and extent of continuing education and training to be undergone by persons registered in terms of this Act; and (c) the criteria for recognition by the HPCSA of continuing education and training courses and education institutions offering such courses.

CPD Section of the CPD, Registrations and Records Department at the HPCSA administers and monitors the CPD process.

Criteria and Guidelines for Service Providers details the criteria for and requirements of Service Providers; the nature of the learning activities and the CEUs at each level of the hierarchy; the process to be followed to publicise, present and record the activities.

Ethics, Human Rights and Medical Law is an understanding of the bioethical principles that determine how health professionals perform research and interact with patients/clients and society and is also described in Chapter I and II of the Constitution. Health care is a constantly advancing field and with these advances conflicts often arise within the arenas of politics, law, religion, philosophy and economics. An understanding of bioethics helps us to recognise, admit and sometimes resolve these conflicts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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