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09 Mar 2016


Begins: 09 March 2016 08:00 Ends: 11 March 2016 16:00

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Saint George Hotel & Conference Centre (Irene Centurion, on the R21)
Start Date:
09 March 2016 08:00
End Date:
11 March 2016 16:00



Systems Psychodynamics studies the micro, meso and macro conscious and unconscious behaviour manifesting in organisations. This includes the content, process and dynamic behaviours related to task, role formation, boundary management, leadership and authority, and identity forming. It is believed that the manifestation of the observable and rational systemic behaviour above the surface, is influenced from below the surface of consciousness by our individual and collective anxiety, and the defensive structures we use to cope with the complexity and irrationality of organisational systems.

As a consultancy stance, Systems Psychodynamics offers opportunities for the consultant (psychologist) and the client to explore and hypothesise about these behaviours towards gaining deeper insights and understanding of the system’s unconscious functioning. This facilitates the exploration of individual, leadership, team and organisational growth in realising how behaviour in the shadow can blur the boundaries between rational and irrational behaviour causing breakdowns in relationships, structures, processes and culture, and can cause unethical behaviour. Surprisingly, the extraordinary and sometimes seemingly odd, out-of place and non-sense behaviour in the organisation can give evidence of such unconscious behaviours.


The SIOPSA Interest Group in Systems Psychodynamics of Organisations invites you

to an opportunity to learn about and deepen your competence in working in this exiting organisational

consulting stance (and earn CPD points)


For more information please go to the SIOPSA website at


Primary task of the workshop  The primary task is to provide opportunities for participants to study the manifestation of organisational and leadership systemic psychodynamics as it manifests in the here-and-now, and to process the learning towards its application in their own work environments.

Design of the workshop  Based on the Systems Psychodynamic Consultancy Stance and Group Relations Training methods (also referred to as the Tavistock Approach) the workshop is designed as a temporary learning organisation. It contains various large and small group experiential learning and processing events.

What participants can expect to learn  Learning opportunities are provided for participants in systems psychodynamic organisational and leadership dynamic diagnosis and development skills, differentiation between conscious/rational and unconscious/irrational organisational behaviour, awareness of self and using the self as instrument, interpretation of dynamics and formulation of working hypotheses towards influencing a work system from below the surface. This includes an ethical awareness whilst working with unconscious behaviour. Note. The relative unstructured and experiential nature of the event can be demanding and emotionally challenging for people undergoing psychotherapy and/or experiencing major life difficulties such as bereavement or significant personal hardship. Such people may have to think about their readiness for participation at this time.

Workshop consultants  Prof Frans Cilliers (the chair person of this SIOPSA interest group) will direct the workshop and lead the team of consultants. All are Systems Psycho-dynamically informed (trained) consultants and SIOPSA members.

Why should you attend?  To become aware of your own systems psychodynamic functioning (micro level), the behaviour manifesting below the surface in the groups/teams (meso level) and in the organisations (macro level) that you work in and consult to. Next, your vocabulary to describe these behaviours will be enriched and you will learn how to use yourself as instrument to move individuals and groups systemically towards insight by formulating working hypotheses about what may be happening below the surface.

CPD points  Participants will receive 21 CPD points of which 6 will be for Ethics when attending this workshop.



9-11  March 2016


Saint George Hotel & Conference Centre (Irene Centurion, on the R21)


Daily 08:00-16:00









SIOPSA members: Full and Associate             R 4,000.00

Non-SIOPSA members                                  R 5,000.00

Emerging Psychologists                                 R 2,000.00

SIOPSA Student members                             R 1,000.00

Late bookings (after 26 February 2016)       10%


You do not need to be a member of SIOPSA to register for this workshop

Attend this workshop as a GUEST, or even better, why don’t you sign up for


Click here to find out more about joining our Society






REGISTER NOW        Go to

Space is limited so please secure your place as soon as possible – but  before the 26th February 2016

Your invoice will be generated from the SIOPSA website, EFT and credit card payments facilities are available. Your registration will only be confirmed on proof of payment. Delegates that arrive on the day without proof of payment or booking will be expected to complete a registration form and sign the signature list.

*** No shows will not be refunded and please take note of our 72 hour cancellation policy***


We look forward to see you at this workshop!


Best Regards,

Prof Frans Cilliers (

On behalf of the

Interest Group in the Systems Psychodyanmics of Organisations


Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa







tel:     0860 SIOPSA (746 772)
fax:    086 558 4097









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