Humane leadership in times of crisis | SIOPSA

Humane leadership in times of crisis

Responsible leadership

  • How do responsible leaders account and engage with various stakeholders internally and externally as part of a broader social eco-system?
  • How do responsible leaders safeguard trust and positive impact to foster an inclusive environment where diverse individuals have a voice and feel heard?
  • How do responsible leaders influence bringing back the “human” in human capital by treating employees and communities around them as an end rather than a means to an end?
  • How do responsible leaders foster sensemaking by helping others see what’s happening in wider society?
  • How do responsible leaders go beyond profit to create a sustainable future with shared benefits for business and society by pursuing profitable growth in tandem with positive and equitable social and environmental impact?
  • How employers can effectively engage with social justice issues.

 Attuned leadership

  • The role of African humanism, philosophy and values ​​in leadership.
  • Applying Ubuntu as a compass or moral benchmark for authority and governance.
  • Moral leadership – human beings as morally, socially and spiritually engaged with others in the enterprise of human life.