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IOP Womens Gallery

Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa


As part of SIOPSA’s women’s month campaign, we invite you to introduce us to an IOP woman who has made an impact in your life and IOP career. We would like to celebrate these women by collating their profiles in a gallery-type format on the SIOPSA website. These profiles will present the women worth celebrating and how they have made an impact in your life. Your input will be posted in the gallery and in a SIOPSA women’s month LinkedIn page, together with your name and the name and photo of the woman worth celebrating.

The nominations aim to boldly and authentically celebrate all women in IOP and share the great extent to which women are multi-faceted and critical pillars of society. 

My motivation for nominating Ama stems from my deep appreciation for her kindness and helpful attitude. Without a doubt, Ama is always frontline to assist however she can. On a number of occasions, Ama has motivated and empowered me in ways that she will never know. I am fortunate that I've been able to witness and experience her propelling leadership. Anyone who engages with Ama is likely to gain new perspectives on a number of various topics within the field of IOP and beyond. To this point, her critical thinking has inspired me to think beyond the current scope of IOP to use my knowledge and skills to assist in moving the profession forward. Thank you Ama!

My motivation for celebrating Gillian stems from my great appreciation for how kindhearted and helpful she is. She is approachable and authentic, generous with her knowledge and time. She and her work have inspired my growing passion for career counselling and coaching. Through her career story, I became proud of my career story and appreciate how aligned I am with my career journey. As an emerging professional, she inspires me to always be authentic. She is a true example of the quote "knowledge is a process of pilling up facts, wisdom lies in their simplification". Gillian symbolizes what it means to craft your own path and to be a leader of your own life. Thank you Gillian.

Shirleen represents the epitome of science-Practitioner. She is a grounded Psychologist who has made an impact in all the roles she has held in corporate SA. Shirleen has a high level of learning orientation and prefers looking at continuous improvement and behavioural-based solutions for people and business development and leadership change. She is a true professional and her impact extends beyond her job roles. She was the 2012/3 recipient of the SIOPSA Presidential award for making an exceptional contribution to the profession. Shirleen has also served the society for many years as a member and then also volunteering on the executive committee and served as President. We consider Shirleen one of those giants on who’s shoulder we stand and salute her as a role model to the profession.

Amanda inspires those around her as a coach, friend and colleague; she always has a kind word and makes time for those in need. She is passionate about the development of those around her, particularly IOP interns and women in ICT. Her unique way of approaching problems, by ensuring the buy-in and collaboration of those involved, allows sustainable solutions for the future. Amanda’s integrity, calm nature and affability makes her a natural leader who draws people to her. Amanda is a shining example of our profession and where ever her professional journey and career takes her, she will have a great impact on those around her.

Barbara is arguably unanimous with Psycho legal work in the IOP world. I do not know of a person who has done more to promote the field, and in such a humble and selfless way. She has trained hundreds and hundreds of IOPs and her wealth of knowledge is extraordinary. Interestingly, my appreciation and love for Barbara has nothing to do with Psycho legal work, but the genuine, loving and kind person that she is. She is genuinely one of a kind, and one of those people who you remember for how they made you feel. Barbara, I salute you and am honoured to know you!

Candice Booysen, PhD, acted as practicing supervisor for my recently completed internship. She is wise beyond her years, and a truly inspirational role model for all IOPs: she runs a non-profit organisation, Releasing Eagles, dedicated to empowering women, while being an HR director for an IT company, as well as an accredited coach - all of this while commuting between Dubai and South Africa! She is able to balance the rights of employees with those of the employer with courage, respect and heart. Thank you Candice!

Michelle facilitated my M1 growth journey (supervisor). She has led me to lead my own creativeness and sight for innovation. Indeed, she has contributed to my professional growth and that of IOP (academia & organisational effectiveness), but her most highlighted contribution is her ability to stimulate the unconscious passion of people into consciousness, who want to create and contribute to the field of IOP.

We live beneath the surface. I am her and she is me and we are each other; we are related as identifying objects within the system , we are psychodynamic!

I would like to nominate and introduce to you, a phenomenal woman, Rentia Landman. Rentia leads by example with a strong work ethic and a visible track record for success and this is inspiring to anyone entering the IOP field. She is a true mentor and an exceptional supervisor always empowering and supporting her colleagues, mentees and interns in a way that allows them to think out of the box. She is a committed, patient, passionate leader who taught me what resilience means and I value her willingness to share her wisdom and experience to help others build a path to a unique and fulfilling career in IOP. Thank you Rentia, continue to inspire!

Somona is very committed to improve the life of others. Her goodwill shines through in her willingness and determination to engage in projects that are meaningful for the community. As an emerging IOP, she is proof that it is never too early to start engaging and making change where possible. Somona's emotional intelligence, work ethic, extraordinary communication skills and good heart is of great value to anyone who crosses paths with her. Somona is one of the most respectful, professional and graceful persons I have met. I have no doubt she will make significant and purposeful achievements thorough out her life and career. I truly believe Somona symbolizes what an IOP leader should be like and she inspires me to become a better professional. Thank you Somona!

"Sam is a natural leader and coach who thrives at influencing and inspiring others. Her knowledge of self and commitment to continuous improvement has inspired many women in the ICT and Hospitality industries to take a leap of faith and reach for their stars. She is passionate about the upliftment and empowerment of the youth and has been a key contributor in local community projects. She is exemplary of an IOP in the way she leads, innovates and solves people problems. She continues to inspire me in her passion for life and helping those around her."

"Prof Elri has inspired me so many times. She is an incredible mentor to females in IOP she is also a great contributor to teaching and research in the field of IOP. To me she is the face of perseverance and kindheartedness. She will continue to contribute to great IOPs in the future."

"Ms Smit has offered her support in the Faculty of Human Resource Management to Masters Industrial Psychology students for many years. She has assisted students and interns during their most difficult times and ensured their professional development remained of the highest quality. What is particularly striking about Ms Smit is that she is everyone's Christa and is known for her striking compassion during both the 'highs' and the 'lows'. She is approachable and has become a mentor and advisor to many starting- and established Industrial Psychologists. It has always been and remains a pleasure to work with Christa. She is a strong woman who walks the talk and does so, with grace."

"As an emerging IOP, Thamara has defeated many challenges to achieve her dream. As a single parent, she espouses the ideal that learning and development is a life long journey, and is an exemplary example to us all. Her commitment and passion to her professional journey, her work ethic and dedication is just one of the many things admired. She is steadfast in her values and maintains calm in spite of challenges around her, and ensures continued high delivery and value. Thamara embodies what an IOP leader should be like and inspires those around her to be better. Thank you Thamara!"

"She values differences and affirms the good work of others. What I like is Crystal’s creative mind. She embraces change and is always open to learn from others. She compliments her power with care and compassion touching the hearts and minds of her audience. Appreciate Crystal for the impact she is having in my life!"

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