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Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa
Date: 19 November 2023



Exploring ancestral meaning systems as they relate to leadership and authority




IGSPO and SIOPSA, in partnership with The Tavistock Institute, invites you to participate in our second Group Relations Conference (Ancestral Meaning System), taking place on 11, 12, 13 April 2024.

Collaborate with us in this “here and now” experience of holding the present, tapping into the ancestral past and casting our dreams into our associative unconscious as we explore what lies in the lake beneath our surface level conscious.


Ancestral meaning systems also relate to our ancestors in group relations work – when we stand on the shoulders of giants to look to the here-and-now and the future. Then we also encounter ancestors in our places of work – those we can identify with and those we are uncertain how to engage with. Then, our ancestors from our familial lineage also impact our lives in ways we do not always reflect on.

At group relations conferences, group and organisational dimensions are examined not so much from the point of view of the dynamics linked to leadership and authority (which stay present, but in the background) but instead through exploration of the theme of ancestral meaning systems and their implications for leadership and authority in a global context.

The Conference additionally works on the personal/individual dimension through the construction of a setting (spaces, times and events), during which it is possible for the participant to come into contact with their own body and thoughts and with the surrounding environment, and to draw insights from these resources to deepen their understanding and knowledge of both individual leadership and authority, and that authorised on behalf of others.

This experiential learning event will therefore explore ancestral meaning systems as they relate to leadership and authority. How do ancestral meaning systems find representation in organisations? How do they impact our leadership and the authority of others in organisations? How do they authorise or deauthorise others and ourselves?

IGSPO and SIOPSA, in partnership with The Tavistock Institute, invites us to participate in our second Group Relations Conference (Exploring Ancestral Meaning Systems), taking place on 11, 12, 13 April 2024.

In our second online Group Relations Conference exploring ancestral meaning systems, as they relate to leadership and authority, we will engage these waters of our ancestry together and let them speak. The conference structure will contain us as we stir the waters and immerse in this intersection of our ancestral meaning systems and the unconscious.

Conference Programme

Conference Fees

This global live-online conference is brought to you by IGSPO – SIOPSA Interest Group in Systems Psychodynamics of Organisations from the Cradle of Civilisation, South Africa in proud partnership with the Tavistock Institute.

IGSPO, building on the legacy of Group Relations work in South Africa since 1997, has foregrounded ancestral meaning systems that intersect with the unconscious as we explore leadership and authority, nationally and internationally, in our different daily contexts. In doing this pioneering work, we are collaborating with the Tavistock Institute which has been actively exploring Human Relations since 1957. Group Relations conferences started in South Africa in 1989 and IGSPO has been committed to keeping this tradition alive.

The Tavistock Institute, founded in 1947, has made significant contributions to the field of Group Relations through its early pioneering scientific work which have had a lasting influence on the fields of psychology, social science, and organisational development. The annual Leicester Conference, the flagship of all other Group Relations Conferences, has taken place every year since 1957, is hosted by The Tavistock Institute.

Pre-Conference dialogues

Our series of preconference dialogues will allow us to engage with a panel of experts from around the globe in preparation for our conference.  Attendance is at no cost.  Registration is required, kindly click on the title of each event to register to attend.

Thursday 7th of December 2023 – 18:00-19:00 SAST GRC and the experience of ancestry.View the recording

Thursday 18th of January 18:00-19:00 – Origins and ancestry of psychoanalysis. View the recording

Thursday 8 March 2024 18:00-19:00 – A lens into Ancestry. View the recording here

Thursday 7th March 2024 18:00-19:00 – Ancestral meaning and indigenous knowledge systemsView the recording

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