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07 Sep 2016

SIOPSA introduces all of their Interest Groups

SIOPSA launches more new Interest Groups


The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA) is pleased to announce the establishment of more new Interest Groups (IG). Members and non-members can now choose from eight Interest Groups to further hone their skills.


According to Nadene Venter, SIOPSA COO, “Just as our members are the lifeblood of the Society, the SIOPSA Interest Groups are the main arteries ensuring that the whole body is well looked after from both an intellectual and practical, experiential viewpoint. 

It is in the Interest Groups, where thought leadership is the order of the day, which members can really drill down into a particular field and engage in a meaningful way while remaining at the forefront of trends and new developments.”


Psycho-Legal Interest Group


The main objectives of the Psycho-Legal Interest Group can be summarised as follow:

                                 ·            To establish practice standards and basic requirements for IOP’s in the psycho-legal space.

                                 ·            To formalize, standardize and provide training on psycho-legal work in conjunction with the SIOPSA Academy.

                                 ·            To establish a formal point of reference for psycho-legal practice within SIOPSA, and the Industrial and Organisational Psychology Profession in South Africa.




Interest Group for Organisational Neuroscience


This interest group, called IGON for short, aims to create awareness of the nature, role and importance of studying and applying neuroscientific research findings to the field of IOP, as well as to create opportunities for SIOPSA members and South African organisations to become informed and to gain competence in this field.


Prof. Dirk Geldenhuys from the University of South Africa explains, “Neuroscience includes interests in different fields such as affective neuroscience, i.e. brain processes related to emotion; cognitive neuroscience, the study of mental processes; and interpersonal neurobiology, the study of the influence of human relationships on brain development.


“The growing popularity of neuroscience can to a large extent be ascribed to recent research that was made possible with the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography scans in neurobiology, which provided a refined scientific view on brain-functioning and how the brain is affected by external stimuli derived from the environment.


“This rapidly growing field of neuroscientific study provides a sound basis that can be used to develop new, and expand on current, theories and practices in different disciplines such as psychology, education, management, economics and marketing, among others. Currently, these findings have a major influence on, and elicit extensive debates in, applied psychology, especially in the field of psychotherapy. It is not without reason that the application of neuroscientific research in the field of the economic and management sciences is also gaining momentum.”


The IGON will provide opportunities for SIOPSA members (and other interested individuals) to study, practice and share research findings in applied neurosciences, as well as present at academic and theoretical conferences, practical workshops and discussion forums dedicated at the development of competence in this field.



Interest Group for Positive Organisational Psychology


South Africa’s multicultural context greatly contributed to the increasing need for an interest group focused on positive organisational psychology (POP). Dr Marieta du Plessis from the University of the Western Cape explains that developing a positive organisation requires an organisational development process.


Referring to the work of Garcea & Linley (2011), she says, “We apply positive psychology principles in the design of our interventions, with the aim of creating organisations that are more performance-enhancing, life-affirming, and fulfilment-giving.


“Developing such organisations is particularly relevant in our current business world context, following the trauma of the global recession, an unstable economy and a lack of trust in public policy. Many organisations are looking to rebuild organisational life with the mandate of ‘doing more with less’. Positive psychology interventions have much to offer in enabling this transition.”


The IGPOP will also be infused with positive psychology thinking to result in values and goals of abundance, positive sharing and meaning-creation. This will be done through shared knowledge and experiences, joint initiatives, and knowledge creation among participants.


Interest Group for People Assessment in Industry (PAI)

The PAI Interest Group was originally established to proactively engage various stakeholders interested in psychological assessment in the South African industry. The purpose of PAI is to ensure sound psychological assessment exists in the South African industrial context as a value added and ethical practice.


Interest Group for Coaching and Consulting Psychology (IGCCP)

The importance of authentic leadership in the workplace continues to accelerate globally, and coaching and consulting psychology, in particular, have received much attention. The IGCCP was formed in June 2006, prior to SIOPSA becoming a signatory to the Global Coaching Community Dublin Declaration on Coaching in 2008.


The interest group is an active role player in the International Coaching and Consulting Psychology arena, especially with its relationship with the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP). Over the last six years, we have actively participated in Conferences internationally and also hosted our own International Conference under the umbrella of the First International Congress in Coaching Psychology (2011).


The IGCCP has recently nominated a representative to join the International Advisory Board for the ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research. The Research Centre aims to support international collaboration on different aspects of coaching psychology research including dissemination of research through publications, meetings, conferences and symposiums.


The IGCCP aims to:


  • Encourage high standards of coaching and consulting – grounded in sound research and evidence-based scientist-practitioner application, driven by the specific client’s context.
  • Foster co-operative relations with key stakeholders – organisations, government, regulattory bodies, interest groups, psychologists, professional bodies and educational institutions.
  • Continually influence the science and practice – and stimulate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience amongst international and local psychologists, and other interested parties.



Interest Group for Systems Psychodynamics of Organisations (IGSPO)

This interest group studies the systems psychodynamic behaviour in organisations; focusing on the unconscious behaviour manifesting on the individual, group and organisational levels and how these are addressed through consultation, coaching and research. It is conceptually based on the depth psychology organisational theory and is operationally anchored in the consultancy stance.


Interest Group for International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP)

SIOPSA is ideally placed to participate in and contribute to the global discussion on cross-cultural psychology. In a video conference with Past President of the IACCP, Yoshi Kashima, he elaborates on the value he and the Association see in its partnership with SIOPSA “to facilitate the development of scientific knowledge of cross-cultural psychology”.


Interest Group for Psychometric Professionals (IGPP)

This relatively new Interest Group aims to create an environment where Psychometrists are able to raise their concerns and questions regarding best practice, ethics and the correct use of tests. It, among others, promotes ethical psychometric practice in industry; provides opportunities for members to share research and insights in the field of practical psychometry; and influences and informs statutory bodies regarding the training, registration and practice of psychometry in industry.

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