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11 Oct 2017

A word from the President of SIOPSA

Dear Members and Colleagues

Upon my reflections as an Executive Committee member, I am energised by the role of our many volunteers inclusive of those who have completed and started their term with us. My immense appreciation and gratitude is engendered by the observation of willingness, time and commitment given from everyone towards a purpose-driven society. With a mindset of ‘being in service to others’ I know that making a contribution to the greater good instils for us efficacy, resilience, hope and optimism into the future.
Despite navigating the inevitable environment of volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity, effective decisions must be taken and it must be in the interest of all stakeholders. I trust that together with the new Executive Committee we will continue to nurture growth and stability for our people and the society. It is in this light that I share the summary below of what we have attained since starting my term as President in July 2017.
SIOPSA EXCO builds on the perseverance and resilience of multiple stakeholders
On the 24th of August 2017, SIOPSA’s newly appointed Executive Committee met for the first time and this gathering has set the scene and focus for the Year 2017-2018.  EXCO deliberated on four key areas which will take us to year-end 2017.
These are:

  • to become empowered with a clear understanding and commitment of the SIOPSA constitution
  • to increase our prudence in an economic, social and organisational environment which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous through adopting the proposed financial principles which will restore stability
  • to continuously improve collaborative efforts and to access the short and medium term opportunities which will bring immediate results
  • to review and sustain the relevance of the long-term objectives of the society which is effected by all of its internal and external stakeholders and through lasting connectedness to the purpose and vision of SIOPSA.

Our approach to the above has been to increase our communication with each other as well as to ensure that we are able to share a consistent message at all of our engagements. With the support of a dedicated administrative team, we are securing the collaborative efforts with EXCO. We know that through cooperation and coordination of tasks we can re-energise the society, bring stability and contribute towards sustainability into the future.
An EXCO who works together invites the care of the wider IOP fraternity. We have been privileged to obtain the support from our Elders, Past-Presidents, Honorary Members and Fellows. All of these individuals are interested in safeguarding the substance of the society and ultimately hope to make a difference in the world of work and wider community. The help has been remarkably generous and EXCO is grateful for the experience of immeasurable sharing of their time, their wisdom and humility with us.
Currently, SIOPSA is in the process of selecting a President-Elect who will step in to support the goals of the society in the role he/she will play. This appointment will lead to new opportunities within EXCO and for the wider membership all of which points to the vibrancy that exists. With this year’s theme, 'The Art of Collaboration' we believe SIOPSA can become known as a society which is inclusive and willingly invites diverse views of multidisciplinary backgrounds. We will realise this vision for collaboration in the knowledge that ultimate potential is unleashed in valuing differences. Whilst we embrace the complexity of the eco-system we find ourselves in, we are reassured that IOPs are capable of shifting the organisational mindset in favour of the value SIOPSA can bring.  
As EXCO our desire is to serve optimally, draw on the goodwill, reciprocity and trust of all our stakeholders and to nurture our collaborative efforts now and into the future. We wish to invest in social capital through the application of desirable behavioural attributes which builds effectiveness. As we simplify the way forward, we are becoming more and more excited to share information about the theme for 2017-2018. To keep you updated further communication will be shared timeously.
With confidence and the privilege to lead as President of SIOPSA, I offer an optimal level of leadership participation, involvement, courage, staying connected and reaching out to the humanity in people. With strong conviction and faith I know what it will take from an Executive Committee to invest in the social capital that we already have thus increasing the organisational effectiveness and societal impact we strive for.

With warmest regards,

Shirleen Titus

SIOPSA President

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