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20 Jul 2015

For your reference: SIOPSA's Exco Portfolios and the Operational Plan

Dear Valued Members,

As you might have noticed, things are rapidly changing within the day-to-day management of SIOPSA.  In line with the dream to manage SIOPSA as a an effective business, numerous changes have already been implemented such as streamlining of the communication processes, the employment of a Chief Operations Officer and Financial controller etc. These relatively ‘small’ changes, have had a profound impact on the way in which SIOPSA is currently managed and acts as a foundation on which we intend to build for the next presidential term. We are excited to share our operational plan with you during the AGM at the upcoming conference! 

The operational plan, aligned to the 2020 SIOPSA Dreams, will act as a guiding force for the next 18 to 24 months. It outlines specific, measurable deliverables for the Society in a manner that is not only aspirational but achievable.  In order for the Society to achieve these objectives, a fundamental change in the way in which we structure the Executive Committee (EXCO) as well as recognise and reward Executive member’s contribution to both the Society and the Profession. In preparation for the AGM, and your possible involvement, we would like to share our vision for the composition of the Executive Committee, the associative key focus areas and the way in which we intend to reward/recognise Executive’s contributions to the Society/Profession. 

Attached, you will find two documents:  (a) an overview of the intended Executive Portfolios and the associative key focus areas of each portfolio as well as (b) the proposed reward/recognition system. We would like to request that you read through both these documents to not only get the ‘proverbial feel’ for what we will be doing within the next cycle, but also to allow you to determine to what extent you would like to be involved within the formal structures of the Society.  Please click on the following links to access these documents:

Should any of the key focus areas of the proposed Executive portfolios ‘speak’ to you, please contact me directly via email. Remember, the success of the Society, and the achievement of its mandated objectives, is dependent on you, our valued members!

We look forward to engaging with you at the AGM and to embark upon this journey together… as a team!

See you at the conference, 


Llewellyn E. van Zyl | President | SIOPSA |

The Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology of SA

T +27 (0)79 838 1609 | F +27 (0)86 558 4097 | @


Twitter: @llewellynvz


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26 Jun 2015

For your reference: Notice of SIOPSA Annual General Meeting, 28th July 2015

Notice is hereby given that the SIOPSA 2015 AGM will be held on 28th July, during the Annual SIOPSA Conference 2015.

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20 Jul 2015

Regional News: KZN Chapter's Nelson Mandela Day 2015

In honour of Nelson Mandela Day 2015, the SIOPSA KZN branch made an impact in the community we serve. Together with PWC and Active Citizens Today (ACT), we worked at the Zamokuhle daycare centre. Read about this, here....

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