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Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychology of SA



Our Mission

The Society's mission is to help develop a fair and humane work environment, enabling people to reach their full potential and experience a high quality of work life in South Africa. To this end, the Society strives to create conditions in which Industrial and Organisational Psychologists will be able to deliver efficient and effective services to the benefit of all in South Africa.

Our Objectives


Full Constitution

Legal Status

The Society is one not for gain, acting in its own right in legal proceedings, with the power to acquire, use and dispose of property, to acquire and control funds, to make payments in the form of salaries, honoraria, awards and donations, and to perform all such acts as are consistent with its objectives and are derived from the promotion thereof. The Society exists in all respects as a legal persona in its own right.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is highest authority of the Society and promotes the interests of Industrial and Organisational Psychology as a science and profession in accordance with the objectives of the Society. It has the right to conduct all business whatsoever of the Society, subject to the direction of members at properly constituted General Meetings.

The Executive Committee shall meet not less than four times in any year.

The SIOPSA Executive Committee for 2015/2016:



Llewellyn van Zyl President
Kim Dowdeswell Past President
Manoko Matlala President Elect
André Lombard Treasurer
Shirleen Titus Secretary
André Westraat Transformation


Alison Felix Membership Services
Zunica Ermel Membership Growth
Steven Breger Marketing and Communications
Deon Meiring Professional Practice
Karel Stanz External Affairs
Carin Bergh SIOPSA Foundation
Lourens van Schalkwyk SIOPSA Academy
Anne Bucket Conference


Regional Chairs

Frik Nortje Branch Chair: Eastern Cape
Marissa de Klerk Branch Chair: North West
William van Aarde Branch Chair: Pretoria
Talitha Muller(née Oosthuizen) Branch Chair: Johannesburg
Adrian Parsadh Branch Chair: Cape Town
Holly Glaeser Branch Chair: Durban
Ederick Stander Branch Chair: Gauteng Vaal


Nadene Venter Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Juliette Powell Office Manager
Rosalie Williams Office Administrator
Rentia De Bruyn Financial Controller


Allayne Minnie Chair: Interest Group for Psychometry Professionals (new)
David Bischoff Chair: Interest Group Psychological Assessment (PAI)
Anna-Rosa Le Roux Chair: Interest Group Coaching & Consulting Psychology (IGCCPSA)
Frans Cilliers Chair: Interest Group in the Systems Psychodynamics of Organisations (IGSPO)
Leon Jackson Chair: International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP)

People Assessment in Industry (PAI) Interest Group

David Bischof Chair: Interest Group People Assessment in Industry (PAI)
Deon de Bruin Chair: Uniiversity of Johannesburg
Kevin Distiller BIOSS and HPCSA Test Evaluator
Nomumelelo Nompumelelo Malatji-Angoma The South African Reserve Bank
Bernadette King Rhodes University
Lylie Beukes Fitzbest

Systems Psychodynamics of Organisations (IGSPO) Interest Group

Frans Cilliers Chair: Interest Group in the Systems Psychodynamics of Organisations (IGSPO)
Olga Coetzee
Jean Cooper
Mias De Klerk
Neville Goldin
Pieter Koortzen
Louise Ley Administrator and Treasurer
Michelle May
Adrian Parsadh
Martin Steyn
Henk Struwig
Inette Taylor

Coaching & Consulting Psychology (IGCCPSA) Interest Group

Anna-Rosa Chair: Interest Group Coaching & Consulting Psychology (IGCCPSA)
Steven Breger [Past Chair] Past Chair: Interest Group Coaching & Consulting Psychology (IGCCPSA)
Aletta Odendaal
Marietjie van der Walt
Gail Wrogemann
Grant Freedman
Johan (Ollie) Olwagen
Stanley Arumugam
Stefan Botes
Stephen Renecle
Frik Nortje, the Branch Chair

Eastern Cape PE Chapter

Frik Nortje Branch Chair
Sharon Munyaka Treasurer/Regional Foundation Lead
Pearl Prinsloo Student Affairs
Heather Knox Marketing and Communications
Elzette Pieterse Marketing and Communication
Susan McGoldrick Events
Michelle Nicholls Membership
Claire Sponneck Secretary

Marissa de Klerk, the Branch Chair

North West Potchefstroom Chapter

Marissa de Klerk Branch Chair
Lene Jorgensen Vice Branch Chair
Lizelle Brink Secretary
Laetitia Gustafson Marketing and Communication
Bouwer Jonker Community Service/Regional Foundation Lead
Melissa Jacobs Treasurer/Strategy
Leon de Beer Social Media

William van Aarde, the Branch Chair

Gauteng Pretoria Chapter

William van Aarde Branch Chair
TBD Secretary
Louise Coetzee Regional Foundation Lead
Thuto Thabang  Malaka Treasurer
TBD Digital Marketing and Communications
Francois de Wet Emerging Psychologists/Students
Bongiwe Sokhela Marketing and Communications
Corné Booysen Assisting with Emerging Psychologists/Students

Talitha Muller, the Branch Chair

Gauteng Johannesburg Chapter

Talitha Muller Branch Chair
Thenjiwe Msomi Treasurer
Danél Odendaal Secretary/Emerging Psychologists
Lylie Beukes   Regional Foundation Lead
Lena-Marie Josling Marketing and Communications/Interest Groups

Ederick Stander, the Branch Chair

Gauteng Vaal Chapter

Ederick Stander Branch Chair
Aysha Ebrahim Treasurer
Abigail Lang Social Media
Lynelle Coxen Marketing and Communications
TLeoni van der Vaart CPD
Winnie Sepeng Secretary

Adrian Parsadh, the Branch Chair

WC Cape Town Peninsula Chapter

Adrian Parsadh Branch Chair and IGSPO committee member
Henk Struwig Regional Foundation Lead and IGSPO committee member
Annemarie Jordaan Treasurer/Marketing & Communications, (incl. Social Media)
Pumla Hako Membership Services /Emerging Psychologists
Nawal Adams Secretary/Admin support (student)

Holly Glaesar, the Branch Chair

KZN Durban

Holly Glaesar Branch Chair
Susan Ellison Treasure
Lutfiya Adam Marketing and Communications
Emma Caruth Secretary
Andrea Hansen Regional Foundation Lead
Elmari Erxleben Interest Groups
Nicole Pillay Students
Andre Westraat
Juliette Erasmus
Manoko Matlala
Steven Breger
Deon Meiring
Kim Dowdeswell
Rosalie Williams
Ederick Stander
Llewellyn Van Zyl
Shirleen Titus

Fellow and Honorary Members


Fellows are full members who have made an outstanding contribution to the science, practice or organisation of Industrial or Organisational Psychology.

Fellows of SIOPSA are:

Honorary Members

The Executive Committee may invite persons to become honorary life members of the Society. Such persons have distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement or service in the sphere of Industrial or Organisational Psychology as a science and / or profession.

Honorary members of SIOPSA are:


Regional Committees

Regional Committees Navigator

Annual Report


Annual General Meeting

The SIOPSA AGM will take place in July next year during the SIOPSA Annual Conference. More information will be provided closer to the time.

Past Minutes and Presentations


Vision 1


The essence of our scope of practice maintains that IO Psychologists apply the principles of psychology to issues related to the work situation thereby optimising individual, group and organisational well-being and effectiveness. As such, we are able to address the needs of business and people simultaneously and we therefore have an invaluable contribution to make in developing business and policy at the highest level. IO psychologists are thus established as thought leaders, offering expert comment and input on people issues in the workplace. The Society poses as a custodian of expertise, and an organisation that can direct the media, government or industry towards the right answers.

Key activities

Vision 2


SIOPSA strives to offer the industry, our communities and the country what it needs from a professional association. The Society must be relevant and add value to the careers of its members, to the extent that individuals feel the urge to join and not run the risk of “being left behind”. SIOPSA actively pursues strong and deep relationships with the community where its members work, as well as with academia, all to solidify the future of the profession.

Key activities

Vision 3


While SIOPSA is keenly aware of the statutory role of the HPCSA in educating the profession and protecting the public, IO Psychologists work in an environment which is unique within the broader psychology profession.  The beneficiaries of our profession are not patients, but working adults, teams and organizations. We use the science of psychology to understand and work with behaviour that makes individuals and organizations more effective.  Although part of psychology, much of what we do falls outside the ambit of clinical-medical model of ethics and practice, which applies to our colleagues in the broader-scoped psychology profession. There are a number of areas requiring specific attention. SIOPSA features as the custodian of what makes IO Psychology part of the broader psychology profession. Importantly, it positions itself as the custodian for those areas of ethics, science and practice which are unique to our profession. We should continue to inform, influence and possibly control the statutory environment that defines the legal framework for the profession.

Key activities

Vision 4


Rather than a purely volunteer-based model, SIOPSA needs an effectively structured office and staff complement to conduct its operations in line with a business model. This will afford credibility to the organisation as a mainstream role player. It will also allow for more time to be dedicated to the pursuit of our objectives and championing the IO Psychology field, through the efforts of individuals whose daily duties are dedicated to that purpose.

Key activities
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