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SIOPSA Committees


Sub-committees of SIOPSA are standing or ad hoc committees acting on the instructions of the Executive Committee for the performance of particular duties or activities on behalf of the Executive Committee and SIOPSA members.

Should you wish to become a member of any of these sub-committees, please contact any member of the Executive committee.

Future Fit

In 2007 the Society recognised that we need to critically evaluate how we add value to our clients and our community if our profession is to remain relevant.

How will we make a contribution to the individuals, organisations and societies we serve? Are new I/O Psychologists appropriately prepared for the challenges they need to face in the future? How relevant are our areas of research and practice development, given the demands of our stakeholders and clients? How should we influence regulatory bodies, legislation and our sister professions? How will we remain valuable and relevant going into the future?

The aim of the SIOPSA Future Fit programme is to address these questions and to produce a set of tangible outcomes that will enhance and shape the profession over the next few years.

The Future Fit programme is the result of a Futuring Conference that involved a range of stakeholders, including members of the profession, our clients and academia. The conference highlighted the need for a review and further developments in 11 action domains of which the most important are 'Scope of Practice' and 'Ethics'.

The work and support of the Future Fit programme has resulted in:

Return to this page in the near future for links to these outcomes and other relevant information.

For more information, contact the SIOPSA Executive Committee convenor Jörn Dannheimer (

Download "SIOPSA Future Fit Scope of Practice"

Students / Emerging Psychologists

Marketing and Communication

SIOPSA Newsletter - Q3 2013


Over the last few years SIOPSA has embarked on two main initiatives to advance the profession of Industrial Psychology, namely the scope of practice (led by Fred Guest) and ethics (led by Leon van Vuuren).This section provides the progress report on ethics - and Jörn Dannheimer will provide the status on scope of practice.

The contents of these two initiatives complement each other. The original need was to develop a Code of Ethics for IO psychologists. Over the last four years 17 projects at Masters level sponsored by SIOPSA were completed at the University of Johannesburg as part of ethics risk analysis focusing on various areas such as ethics in consulting, psychometrics, coaching, etc. The results of all these reports will be integrated into a report which will inform the guidelines for the Code of Ethics of IO psychologists. It will be sent to members for comment and input.

Some of the main achievements over the recent years are outlined below:

  1. Completed 17 SIOPSA sponsored Masters projects.
  2. Establishment of the Ethics Help Desk.
  3. Development of the oath to be taken by IO Psychologists.

Below are the key initiatives to advance the theory and practice of ethics in 2013:

  1. Finalise the ethics risk analysis. The 17 Masters projects were used to analyse risks relating to ethics. An integrated report will be written highlighting the key findings and recommendations. This information together with benchmarks will be shared with our members in various forums.
  2. Write the Code of Conduct which focuses on the rules and guidelines for IO psychologists. The information from the risk analysis report and inputs from members will form the basis thereof.
  3. Institutionalise the Oath for IO psychologists, which was completed last year. We will engage members about the oath and suggest a system of implementation.
  4. Explore opportunities to use the data gathered for the benefit of members. We plan to, for example, persuade universities to include ethics in the curriculum to educate students about ethics; create opportunities for ongoing training on ethics which will count towards CPD points; improve general awareness of ethics; and create a culture of ethics to the extent that it will become part of members’ identity as IO psychologists.
  5. Provide ongoing communication and feedback to members. We will use road shows to share the scope of practice and ethics and obtain additional input from members. We will continue using the ethics helpline.
  6. Do on-going reporting. We will continue to use the SIOPSA newsletter and website, SIOPSA conference and annual report to share information on ethics. The Ethics Committee would also like to have additional representatives from the various regions participate in the Ethics Committee so that we can constructively influence the agenda.

Should you be interested please send your details to: or

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