Ethics Workshop – Board Exam Preparation specifically from the IO-Psychologist Perspective

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SIOPSA Pretoria and Johannesburg Regional Branches have collaborated to invite you to this opportunity to LEARN and NETWORK with fellow emerging professionals at our next exciting event:


Date: 26 and 27 September 2018

Venue: Cricket Auditorium, 268 West Street, Momentum, Centurion (right next to the Centurion Gautrain Station)


We would like to invite all intern IO-Psychologists, that are registered for the Board Exams, to come and attend a preparation workshop with the intent of exploring one’s ethical conscience and uniting it with the Ethical Best Practices in IO-psychology, as monitored by the Health Professions Council of South Africa and South African Legislation. This is also a workshop designed to better equip current IO-Psychology Interns with the knowledge and background to ethical scope and application of practice.

The following topics will be covered during the sessions:

  • Evening 1:
    • Introduction to ethics, law and how it fits in with Psychology
    • Defining ethical conundrums and a decision-making strategy
    • Review of ethical rules and how it links with our current scope of practice
    • Attaining and reflecting on unethical practices covered by the ethical rules – workplace relevant examples.
    • Understanding the stakeholders involved when analysing an ethical conundrum, your mandated ethical practices and then creating the ideal and practical solution.
    • Ethical case study review
  • Evening 2:
    • Discussion of 6 different case studies that were based on real-life working examples and how the IOP-resolved them utilising the ethical rules, best practice and legal considerations within our field
    • Revising the ethical decision-making strategies to practically apply coherent solutions
    • An ethical debate based on a larger IO case-study, applying ethical rules
    • Dealing with exam anxiety
    • Preparing physically and emotionally for the board exam

Advice from those who have written the exam before

Learn more about your facilitators:

Louise Coetzee is an Industrial Psychologist who focused on further understanding the discourses governing one’s expression of values across cultures. She has functioned as the PTA SIOPSA Foundation lead, lecturer in IO-psychology and HR-practices and consults in Assessment, Development and Psycho-legal practice.   During the workshop she will focus on translating theoretical ethical principles into practice through providing a rigorous exploration around one’s ethical foundations and experiences gained during the IO-internship, to ensure confidence is instilled when addressing ethical conundrums.

Alice Slabbert is an Industrial Psychologist who has explored the reported system which governs expatriate experiences through acculturation in South Africa and has extended her passion within the assessment and development field.  Alice is the SIOPSA Pretoria Branch’s representative for emerging psychologists and has a vested interest in growing the IO-Psychology fraternity with a strong foundation for the future. Alice has lectured in IO-relevant statistics and is an Assessment and Development Specialist.   During the workshop, she will focus on creating a space for creative and courageous thinking – when addressing ethical challenges based on her IO-foundation of knowledge and consulting experiences.

Francois De Wet is a seasoned consulting Industrial Psychologist who is known for his expertise in applying assessment best practice in insightful Talent Management processes. Francois is the Chairperson of the SIOPSA Pretoria Chapter and has also lectured in Strategic Human Resource Management for MCom students. He has a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and enjoys integrating IOP practice into businesses with a bigger-picture approach in mind, whilst applying his ethical stance consistently.

Xander van Lill, an Industrial Psychologist with a devoted mind to expanding the evidence-based practice of the profession, has applied himself in the field through various academic channels producing multiple publications and collaborative presentations. Xander is the newly appointed Chairperson of the SIOPSA Johannesburg Chapter and has allowed his curiosity to guide avenues of research across the IOP hemisphere to better equip himself with statistically sound and solution-based practices. His rigour and validity-based mind-set support Xander’s ethical approach to systemic problem-solving.


*All of the facilitators have presented development courses before and are focussed on building IOP-ethics and further contributing to the ethical courage of IOP-practice.

WHY should you attend?

Relevance to the Emerging Psychologists (IOP Interns):

  • Receive a work-booklet before the event, to effectively prepare for the workshop sessions and ensure that your knowledge is being transferred into practice
  • The core knowledge of the workshop lies in the prescribed board exam material, which will be covered through in-depth theoretical sessions as well as ethical case studies that are provided for practice
  • The workshop will allow you to craft your own ethical decision-making framework and will allow exploring how you can articulate your decision in a way that considers legal, ethical and best practice principles in the field of IO-psychology

Relevance to the Supervising IO-Psychologists:

  • Currently, there are Board Exam preparation sessions being offered to Intern Psychologists, but they are not specifically focused within the field of Industrial Psychology.
  • SIOPSA considers the Supervising Psychologist a critical stakeholder in governing ethical practice during an internship, and thus considers this workshop to be an integral part of an intern’s preparation when working as an independent Industrial Psychologist one day
  • This workshop is open to Supervisors if they would like to explore the current ethical frameworks their future interns need to account for. Alternatively, Supervisors or Supervising Organisations are welcome to sponsor this event for their intern IO-psychologist/s.


Day 1

16:00 – 16:30 pm Registration

16:30 –18:00 pm Day 1 Part 1 – Ethical Theory and Ethical Case Reviews

18:00 –18:15 pm Short Break (Tea, Coffee, Juice and Continental Platters)

                           *Specific Dietary requirements to be communicated to SIOPSA PTA

18:15 –19:30 pm Day 1 Part 2 – Applying Ethics in the Profession

19:30 –19:45 pm Short Break (Tea, Coffee, Juice and Continental Platters)

19:45 –20:30 pm Day 1 Part 3 – Final Theory and Application

                            Q & A session to ensure knowledge transfer

Day 2

16:00 – 16:30 pm Registration

16:30 –18:00 pm Day 2 Part 1 – Revise Ethical Theory and review OD Models

18:00 –18:15 pm Short Break (Tea, Coffee, Juice and Continental Platters)

                            *Specific Dietary requirements to be communicated to SIOPSA PTA

18:15 –19:30 pm Day 2 Part 2 – Case Study Discussions and Answering Strategies

19:30 –19:45 pm Short Break (Tea, Coffee, Juice and Continental Platters)

19:45 –20:30 pm* Day 2 Part 3 – Anxiety Management and preparation for the day of                                    the exam

                             Q & A session to ensure knowledge transfer

Costs: To cover costs we need to charge a nominal fee
  R650.00 per person
Important: Bookings to be finalised by 24 SEPTEMBER 2018
Late bookings Delegates that arrive on the evening without proof of payment or booking will be expected to complete a registration form and sign the signature list


You do not need to be a member of SIOPSA to register for this workshop. Attend as a GUEST, or even better, why don’t you sign up for membership.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Event Details

Start date: September 26, 2018

End date: September 27, 2018

Start time: 16:00

End time: 20:30