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Full Membership 2022


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SIOPSA membership cycle runs from 1 January to 31 December. 


Full members shall be registered with the HPCSA in the category of Industrial Psychology: Independent Practice. The membership will remain as such unless their registration status with the HPCSA changes, at which point it shall be reviewed by the Society. Where this constitution refers to full members, honorary members and fellows shall be regarded as such.


A prospective member shall apply in writing or any other formally approved means of communication on the prescribed form to the Secretary of the Society and such application shall be considered in accordance with the constitution of the Society.

All members of the Society shall be liable for the prescribed membership fees. A member whose membership fees remains in arrears for three months shall be liable for termination of membership. A member may terminate his or her membership by written notice to the Secretary of SIOPSA. Upon termination of membership, paid-up membership fees shall not be refundable. Members shall belong to the highest category of membership for which they qualify, as determined in the constitution.