Psychometrics 101 – A Foundational Webinar 30 September | SIOPSA

Psychometrics 101 – A Foundational Webinar 30 September

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The SIOPSA Interest Group for People Assessment in Industry (IGPAI) invites you to a conversation around the practical issues (legislation, technology, POPIA) that practitioners face in the assessment space.

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Psychometrics 101 – a foundational conversation

People Assessments in Industry (PAI) is proud to present our Psychometrics 101 fireside chat webinar. The core purpose of the webinar is to provide foundational guidance to practitioners on a host of important areas to enable confidence and clarity in your psychometric and assessment practices. The webinar will be a conversation aimed at providing answers to some of the key practical questions that practitioners face. Guidelines around an best practice assessment approach and strategy will be covered along with the basics of psychometrics (validity, reliability and norms), and an overview of the current South African Assessment legislation. The role of technology, analytics and ethics in our new World of Work as well as data privacy (POPI) considerations will be covered.


The fireside webinar will provide an integration of key assessment considerations for practitioners, HR professionals and those involved in the assessment process. The idea is to embed the basics, but also to answer questions posed by practitioners and organisations around the correct, fair and ethical use of assessments and other critical areas important to ensure a robust best practice approach.


Psychometrists, Industrial Psychologists; Human Resource Business Partners; Emerging Psychologists, Intern Psychologists


Zaheera Laher is an industrial/organisational psychologist with over 18 years’ of experience in both the public and private sector.  She is a committee member of People Assessments in Industry (PAI), an interest group of the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology of SA (SIOPSA). Zaheera holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand.  She is currently an independent consultant, focussing mainly on assessment, talent management, organisational development and learning and development.  Zaheera presented a workshop on the impact of legislation on assessments in 2015 and a workshop on the state of assessments in South Africa in 2020.

David Bischof is currently a Director for Assessments Standards South Africa (ASSA) as well as Chairperson for People Assessments in Industry (PAI), an interest group of the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology of SA (SIOPSA). He also a Director: Business Development at Organisational and Management Technology (OMT) and a previous Senior Manager of the Assessment Centre at Deloitte Consulting (Pty) Ltd. He holds a Master’s degree in Research Psychology (cum laude) and is registered as both a Research Psychologist and a Psychometrist – Independent/Private Practice with the HPCSA.  As chairperson for PAI – David focuses on ensuring that testing exists in the South African context as a value adding, ethical and fair practice. David specialises in psychometrics as well as leadership assessments and talent interventions. development as well as high level local and international project management of Assessment Centres used. David is also past chairperson for the Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG). David has presented on numerous occasions at the ACSG and SIOPSA conference on best practice assessment and talent management approaches as well as global human capital trends.

Sherwyn Roussouw is an emerging behavioural scientist and currently the Managing Consultant and Founder of BeSolid Consulting (Pty) Ltd. His previous consulting experience included working for two global (Technology) Management Consulting firms that were based in Johannesburg, South Africa and in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Sherwyn pivoted his career from leading and managing global technology implementations to focusing on the development of people for a major bank, of which testing and assessment served a pivotal role in the application of people-centred interventions (from a selection and developmental perspective). He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Pretoria (2020) as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Hult International Business School, where he was based in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) in 2007. As a committee member of People Assessments in Industry (PAI), an interest group of the Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology of SA (SIOPSA), Sherwyn is passionate about sharing as well as learning about the intricacies as well as value-add of psychometrics in the workplace.

Nivy Moodley is a registered Industrial Psychologist with extensive experience in Learning & Development field spanning over more than 30 years.  She currently Heads the SAA Aviation Training Organisation  of Learning focussing in various areas of training namely Leadership and Management Development, Cadet Pilot Training, Functional and Mandatory Training in the Aviation sector.

Nivy serves on many Skills Development Bodies at a National level. Her passion and   philosophy of “continuous improvement” has helped ensure the SAA ATO constantly builds a talent pool of future Leaders for the Aviation Industry.

Kevin Distiller is a registered I/O Psychologist who has practiced successfully for over 15 years. He is currently the Managing Director of Odyssey Talent Management, an assesstech business focusing on high volume and gamified assessment solutions. Having served as SIOPSA Treasurer for a term, Kevin is currently a member of the People Assessment in Industry (PAI) committee and sits on the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) steering committee.

Susan Smith – As a Behaviour Analyst, Susan specialises in Psychometry. She has over 15 years’ experience understanding human behaviour in the workplace, and how this effects individual and group performance, and general functioning in both personal and professional capacities. Susan has worked across a variety of industries, and levels of work, in both private and public sectors, locally and internationally. She has supervised interns since 2012, and currently runs workshops to enhance the understanding of Psychometry at Work and virtual HPCSA Board examination preparation. She also coaches students and learners on study skills and EQ. Keynote speaker at conferences and events at Compliance Institute of South Africa and Investec.

Jaco de Jager is a registered I/O Psychologist with experience in various fields of applied psychology. As Senior Product Consultant at TTS – Top Talent Solutions, he focuses on assessment products and methodologies for the purposes of role fit, succession management, personal growth, and team/group effectiveness. He has considerable experience in back-office (strategic product and process development) as well as client-facing (needs analyses, collaborative solutioning and professional practice) roles. Jaco is also the Outgoing Chairman of the Assessment Centre Study Group of South Africa.

15:00-15:10 Introduction and PAI Background including House Rules David Bischof
15:10-15:30 History of Assessments, the role of practitioners and professionals, Assessment Approach and Business Assessment Strategy including questions Zaheera Laher and Jaco de Jager
15:30-15:45 Key Technical Properties – Validity, Reliability and Norms and current SA legislation including questions Susan Smith and David Bischof
15:45-1600 Protection of Personal Information including questions Kevin Distiller
16:00 – 16:20 Our new word of work, the impact of technology and data analytics including questions David Bischof and Sherwyn Rossouw
16:20 – 16:40 Ethical considerations Nivy Moodley
16:40-17:00 Questions PAI Team


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Bookings close on 30 September.  Delegates will receive an email from SIOPSA Marketing and Events office, Marissa Barnard, to receive registrations link for Zoom Platform access.  After registration delegates will receive an email from “ZOOM” with their unique link to join the session.


The HPCSA require all attendees to complete the HPCSA Evaluation form that will be distributed to all attendees toward the end of the session.  CPDs will be allocated on attendee profiles after the event.  For any queries, contact info@siopsa,

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Start date: Sep 30, 2021

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