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SIOPSA and COMENSA partner to enhance the impact of coaching in the workplace

Just before we all went on the December holidays last year (2021), the SIOPSA and COMENSA management team met virtually to celebrate the signing of an agreement. The intention to collaborate acknowledged a desire on the part of COMENSA and SIOPSA to communicate and work together for the development of Coaching and Mentoring. Both parties recognise that the two organisations share a mutual interest and seek to establish ways in which the two organisations can collaborate.

“The link between SIOPSA and COMENSA is highly valued because the two organisations operate in different yet complementary contexts allowing both to learn from one another”, says Mokadi Max Mathye, President of COMENSA.  Both societies in their professional capacities share a similar purpose and values and can collaborate in areas of research and knowledge development.  This can extend to a focus on leadership development to support business and economic growth and also to a high standard and quality of coaching and mentoring for its members.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with COMENSA in the coaching space. This is an exciting partnership with potential to develop areas of research, knowledge development and business contribution” says Prof Crystal Hoole, SIOPSA President.

By signing this agreement, COMENSA and SIOPSA lay a solid foundation for further discussion regarding the future association between the two organisations.


SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa) is a member-based, non-profit organisation established to enhance the Industrial and Organisational Psychology profession in South Africa. It promotes the benefits of I-O Psychology as a profession, and Coaching Psychology as a professional offering, and contributes toward the development of a humane work environment. As a recognised accreditor for professional development through the Health Professions Council of SA, SIOPSA provides continuous development as well as thought leadership on the psychology of work and furthermore create conditions in which I-O psychologist may deliver efficient and effective services to the benefit of all.


Established in 2006 COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa), a non-profit company, continues to serve as a globally recognised, self-regulated, professional body for coaching and mentoring in South Africa, which is recognised by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). COMENSA provides a platform for all stakeholders to engage, educate, exchange and evolve in pursuit of best practice.  To achieve this, we support the ongoing evolution of coaches and mentors through the promotion of ethical behavior, diversity, inclusion, education and networking through our coaching and mentoring community.

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