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SIOPSA Presidency

SIOPSA Past and Current Presidency

The SIOPSA Presidency consists of the President, President-Elect and Past President

The Role of the President is to take accountability for the strategic leadership of the society and to coordinate with the Executive Committee the implementation of the mandate given by our members at the Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, the president should actively engage with all stakeholders of the society to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability as well as the associated availability of resources.

The Role of the President-Elect is to ensure that all communication processes are conducted with the aim of understanding the society, its members and office administration in the context of the presidency. Furthermore, the role is to support the performance of each Executive Committee through planned feedback conversations.

The Role of Past President is to ensure continuity and completion of the important strategic focus areas either taken over or started during their presidency. The past president offers ongoing guidance and knowledge transfer to the incoming president and administration office as required or alternatively planned. The Past-President is also responsible for heading external affairs for the Society. They act as an ambassador for the profession of IOP by establishing SIOPSA as the leading professional body on people matters in the workplace, establish positive, mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders and create sustainable partnerships with industries & business communities to forge symbiotic relationships of mutual benefit

The Role of the Elders is to act as an advisory body and to share their insights of the profession, their institutional memory and the stories that will serve to the benefit of Exco and the SIOPSA members.

President – Alison Felix-Lodewyk

Alison Felix-Lodewyk is a consultant and registered organisational psychologist in private practice for 12 years. She is currently the managing member of People Proficiency Consulting (cc) and has been consulting in South Africa and various African countries to various companies, parastatals and government departments. Her fields of interest and specialisation are behavioural assessments, career management and organisation development (specifically change management, leadership development, coaching, strategy development, team integration and performance management). Project management of business projects at a Southern African and European level also add to her diverse career exposure.

She is passionate about developing and supporting emerging Industrial / Organisational Psychologists. Her contribution to their development is by being a primary, supervising intern psychologist. Alison has successfully supervised 8 emerging psychologists over the years. She has also lectured Psychological Assessment and Professional Practice to undergraduate and post-graduate IO Psychology students respectively.

Prior to consulting, Alison gained eleven (11) years of strategic and operational business experience at a Middle and Senior Management level in various corporate companies through work and project opportunities in Southern Africa and Europe. These eleven (11) years underpin and support Alison’s twelve years of consulting. She studied at the University of the Western Cape and the University of Cape Town and holds an M. A. degree in Industrial Organisational Psychology. Alison is a registered Industrial Psychologist (HPCSA) and full member of the Society for Industrial Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA) since 2005. Her twelve (12) year involvement with SIOPSA started as a full member in 2005 where she went on to be one of four members who established the Western Cape Regional branch in 2007. She remained an active Western Cape regional committee member and in 2010 was elected into the position of Western Cape Regional Chairperson.

She fulfilled this role and in this capacity also served on the SIOPSA national Executive Committee.

Her three terms as Western Cape regional chairperson ended in July 2013. She then moved on to serve on the SIOPSA national Executive Committee in various portfolios such as Emerging Psychologists Coordinator and Membership Services Portfolio Head. In July 2016, Alison was successfully elected into the role as national SIOPSA Secretary and is currently serving her second year in this position. Besides her passion for developing and promoting the profession of Industrial Organisational Psychology and supporting emerging Industrial / Organisational psychologists, Alison also uses her professional skills and qualifications to assist with community projects. She has been involved either in a leadership capacity or as a volunteer of professional services in sports governing bodies, sports development NGOs, church councils and sub-committees, school governing bodies, professional societies and a local education NGO.

President Elect – Marissa Brouwers

Marissa Brouwers (PhD) is currently a Senior Lecturer of Work and Organisational Psychology at the North-West University in South Africa (PC). She is also the programme leader for Research at the School for Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management. Academically she has completed a Doctorate degree in the field of Industrial Psychology, specialising in the work-family interface. Marissa also holds a Master of Arts, an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology, an BPsyc degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which were obtained from the North-West University (all cum laude) at the top of her class. She is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as a psychologist (category: Industrial). Marissa is also registered as a member with the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA) and registered as a Charted HR professional – Generalist with the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP). She has been part of the SIOPSA North-West Regional Branch Committee for 5 years and served as Branch Chair for 3 years. In July 2018 Marissa was successfully elected into the role as SIOPSA President-elect.  Marissa has extensive experience within the tertiary education environment (as lecturer, researcher and community work). She has published articles (on topics such as work-family interface, conflict management and organisational culture) in various scientific journals and presented at various national and international accredited conferences. She also has experience within private and public sectors as consultant. Marissa has a great passion for the profession and also specifically for developing students and emerging I/O Psychologists.

Past President – Shirleen Titus

Shirleen’s practice relating to the field of the human capital management is grounded by her vast insight and experience in living and working both in South Africa and abroad. She has developed strong networking, influencing and communications skills during her 33 years of work experience. Shirleen has used both qualitative and quantitative approaches to assess, diagnose, design, implement and monitor development solutions for individual, team and organisational effectiveness. Her meta-awareness of the connected environment and logical thinking style drives her natural flair for a parallel processing mode of work and dealing with complexity. Shirleen’s personal approach for collaboration is to establish multiple stakeholder engagement based on trust and appreciation of the social dynamics which exists in diverse contexts. Her belief to unlock organisational well-being is through acts of goodwill, reciprocity and optimal use of all resources available for economic, technological, environmental and societal growth. She develops herself through receiving and sharing feedback where the primary intent is focused on caring for the greater good of all.

Shirleen is currently the Head of School, Finance, Risk, Governance and Strategic Business Services at Eskom’s Academy of Learning. Her responsibilities include leading the learning and development of the discipline through the implementation of best practice and world class solutions. She has followed a diverse career path within the Health, Aviation, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Safety & Security, Technology and Utilities sectors. Shirleen has served on the Executive Committee of Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa (SIOPSA) since 2012 in the role of Marketing and Communication, Conference, Secretary and President-Elect. She is an active member in her profession, actively supervising interns in Industrial and Organisational Psychologists and in the role of mentor and coach. She spent some time as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Western Cape, including conducting academic peer reviews. She is currently registered with the University of Johannesburg (UJ) to conduct a PhD in Industrial Psychology with a research focus in leadership, social capital and organisational effectiveness. As current President of the Society, she believes her life journey is shaped by knowing that everything she has experienced in her life is as it should be and this is her conviction that being of service to others gives her most joy and strengthens her enthusiasm for the future.

SIOPSA Past Presidents

Shirleen Titus – 2018 – 2019
Manoko Ratala – 2016 – 2017
Prof. Llewellyn van Zyl – 2015 – 2016
Kim Dowdeswell – 2014 – 2015
Andre Westraat – 2013 – 2014
Prof. Karel Stanz – 2012 – 2013
Dr Andrew Johnson – 2011 – 2012
Nadene Venter – 2010 – 2011
Prof. Anton Schlechter – 2009 – 2010
Stephen Renecle – 2008 – 2009
Fred Guest -2006 – 2008
Prof. Aletta Odendaal – 2005 -2006


Alison Felix-Lodewyk

Alison Felix-Lodewyk


Marissa Brouwers

Marissa Brouwers

President Elect

Shirleen Titus

Shirleen Titus

Past President