Fellow and Honorary Members | SIOPSA

Fellow and Honorary Members

 Honorary Life Members

The Executive Committee may invite persons to become honorary life members of the Society. Such persons have distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement or service in the sphere of Industrial or Organisational Psychology as a science and/or profession.

Honorary Life Members of SIOPSA are:

  • Mrs       Alison Lodewyk-Felix
  • Mr         Andre Lombard
  • Mr         Andre Westraat
  • Dr         Andrew Johnson
  • Prof      Andrew Thatcher
  • Prof      Anton Schlechter
  • Prof      Dirk Geldenhuys
  • Prof      Dries Schreuder
  • Prof      Frans Cilliers
  • Mr         Fred Guest
  • Prof      Hennie Kriek
  • Prof      Hermann Spangenberg
  • Dr         Jopie van Rooyen
  • Prof      Joppie van Graan
  • Prof      Karel Stanz
  • Ms        Kasthuri Nainaar
  • Ms        Kim Dowdeswell
  • Prof      Leo Vermeulen
  • Dr         Leon van Vuuren
  • Prof      Llewellyn van Zyl
  • Dr         Louis Fick
  • Ms        Manoko Ratala
  • Prof      Marissa Brouwers
  • Prof      Marius Stander
  • Prof      Melinde Coetzee
  • Prof      Naas Raubenheimer
  • Ms       Nadene Venter
  • Dr        Nicola Taylor
  • Dr        Pieter Bronkhorst
  • Dr        Ralph Wortley
  • Dr        Rod le Roux
  • Mrs      Shirleen Titus
  • Mr        Stephen Renecle


Fellows are full members who have made an outstanding contribution to the science, practice or organisation of Industrial or Organisational Psychology.

Fellows of SIOPSA are:

  • Prof       Aletta Odendaal
  • Prof       Deo Strümpfer
  • Prof       Gert Roodt
  • Late Prof Johann Schepers
  • Prof       Rian Viviers
  • Prof       Ricky Mauer
  • Prof       Sebastiaan (Ian) Rothmann, Sr.
  • Prof       Theo Veldsman