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Psychological Well being in a Turbulent Era

Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa
Date: 19 June 2023


Psychological safety

  • How do organisation’s foster psychological safety in a world filled with uncertainty?
  • What pandemic-induced factors are influencing psychologically safety in the workplace?
  • How do we adapt leadership and management styles to foster psychological safety in a virtual world?
  • Who do Work Psychologists or People Practitioners owe their allegiance to – employee or employer? How can the tensions in the relationship be managed?
  • Does a lack of psychological safety impede employees from taking power of their own time, which may further encourage exploitation of workers in the digitized era? 
  • What does psychological safety look like in the informal sector?

Psychological contract

  • How might the psychological contract with the workforce change in future to foster psychological safety in the changing and volatile world of work?
  • The workforce is becoming an assortment of permanent employees working alongside contractors, consultants, freelancers, gig workers and temporary staff – do we need a different psychological contract for each? 
  • How do we foster the psychological contract to adapt to the diversity of work arrangements emerging in the workplace? 
  • What is the nature of a psychological contract for the diversity of workers especially relating to age, care obligations, life-foci and economic need?

Employee wellness

  • Latest trends in wellness practices.
  • Building a resilient workforce during a global mental health crisis.
  • Are employers prioritizing employee mental health?
  • Addressing loneliness, stress, burnout and depression in the workforce.
  • Fostering optimism during uncertain times.  
  • Belonging as a factor of mental health and wellness

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