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Returning Human Dignity to the Workforce

Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa
Date: 19 June 2023


Do new forms of work enable exploitation?

  • How can People practitioners and business leaders contribute to addressing issues of underemployment and decent work as defined by the ILO?
  • What are the parallels between sweatshops and digital work/new forms of employment?
  • What are the risks of workforce exploitation as employment contracts move towards less permanence?
  • How can an organisation accommodate different needs of employees such as temps, freelancers, consultants and permanent employees? 
  • How can organisations ensure a sense of belonging amongst employees with permanent and peripheral arrangements without creating an us vs. them culture/treatment?
  • What forms of organizing open up new avenues for alternative forms of employment?
  • Can workplace dignity only be achieved through formal workforce rights such as legislation? 
  • How can workforce dignity be achieved in a hyper competitive and resource scarce environment?

Psycho-social impact of job losses and unemployment

  • What are corporate responsibilities for dignified, human centered retrenchment processes – how do the unemployed get supported once they enter the unemployment pool?
  • Whose responsibility is the management of the psychological impact of job loss? Which interventions are organisations currently employing to support workers through job loss? What is the efficacy of these interventions? 
  • What role can corporates play in providing resources for the unemployed to facilitate a short unemployment duration?
  • How can employee’s transition towards an entrepreneurial identity?
  • How do we ensure that the changing way of work is not exploiting our existing workforce?

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