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Paul Spector – Using surveys in organisational settings

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Interview with Andrew Morris and Dr Xander van Lill


In this episode we interview Professor Paul Spector about survey design within organisations and more broadly conducting research within organisations.

Professor Spector has designed many well-known and globally utilised surveys dealing with anything from job satisfaction to workplace conflict. We were fortunate to pick his brain in this regard and some of the topics covered in this episode are concerned with good item construction, new methodologies/platforms when conducting surveys, ethical issues around dealing with data as well as how to go about communicating results in an effective way to key stakeholders.

Paul Spector is the Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Florida. He has an interest in both research methodology and in how organisational factors, work-nonwork interface, and personal characteristics interact to affect employee health, safety, and well-being.

His methodological interests focus on the connection between design, measurement and statistics and in the nature of scientific inference. Professor Spector also studies the proper use of control variables, and common method variance. His health and safety interests fit into the newly emerging interdisciplinary field of occupational health psychology. In addition, Professor Spector also studies accidents/injuries at work, counterproductive work behaviour (things people do that harm co-workers and employers such as aggression and theft), interpersonal conflict, job attitudes, job stress and workplace violence also considering how personality affects each of these areas.

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