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Interest Group for BIOP Caucus

Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa

Interest Group Overview

SIOPSA has established a formal network called the BIOP Caucus to create a more diverse IOP profession. Their main goal this year is to show the necessary structures and policies for this professional network.

BIOP Caucus Interest Group

Which field of psychology does the interest group target?

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Vision and Purpose

The caucus is focused on addressing the challenges faced by Black IOPs and promoting policy improvements to support their growth and development. By providing a platform to address the needs of Black psychologists, the Caucus is working towards transforming the IOP profession in South Africa.

Strategic Objective

Despite almost 30 years of democracy, South Africa remains a racially divided society where many workers from disadvantaged communities feel excluded in the workplace. Unfortunately, this issue is also present within SIOPSA, where Black IOPs are underrepresented in the profession and may feel alienated.

To address this problem, the Transformation Portfolio has contributed to the SIOPSA strategic pillar, ‘Diverse and Inclusive Collaboration,’ to create a multicultural profession representing South African communities' diversity. The strategy includes

  • Facilitating the development of a diverse pool of Industrial and Organisation Psychologists (IOPs) who are positive, agile, balanced, and capable of navigating pathways to success within SIOPSA, their profession, and their workplaces.
  • Creating an inclusive SIOPSA culture and climate that promotes a positive sense of belonging, improves trust, restores harmony, and endorses multiculturalism in the IOP profession.
  • Contribute to a multicultural IOP profession that is more representative of diverse communities within the country and positively impacts broader society.

Committee Members

Dr Thandiwe Gama
Dr Ruwayne Kock
Dr Andrew Johnson
Member & Workgroup Leader: Structural Inequalities
Dr Sane Ngidi
Member & Workgroup Leader: Social Capital
Zaheera Laher
Member & Workgroup Leader: Social Capital

Recent Achievements

The Caucus confidently convenes quarterly meetings to delve into critical matters, establish workgroups, devise action plans, and oversee the implementation of these plans to achieve desired outcomes. The key focus areas include:

  • The Structural Inequalities workgroup is taking bold steps towards solving the systemic challenges black people face as they strive to become Industrial and Organisational Psychologists (IOPs). The Clumsy Workshop Series, launched in June 2022, is one of their many efforts towards this goal.
  • The BIOP Internship workgroup is working in close collaboration with the SIOPSA Internship Programme Management team to explore innovative ways to overcome the difficulties faced by black graduates.
  • The Social Capital workgroup has made it its mission to address the marginalisation of BIOPs and the lack of social capital. Through their tireless efforts and dedication, they have successfully established a panel of black IOP mentors to empower and support BIOPs in building their professional networks and advancing their workplace careers. The BIOP Mentoring program, launched on May 9, 2023, has been a resounding success.

Joining this Interest Group

Who can join this interest group?

To be confirmed

Why Join (Benefits and Opportunities)?

We are grateful for the commitment, time and contributions of all the BIOPs and our allies to this transformation agenda.

How to Join

If you have ideas that will help to transform the profession or would like to get involved as a Black psychologist/psychometrist or an ally who shares our vision, please do get in touch with the BIOP leadership team. We can achieve great things by taking small, consistent actions together!


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Interest Group Resources

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