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Interest Group for Emerging IOPS (IGEWP)

Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa

Interest Group Overview

The journey to becoming a registered IOP is undoubtedly a challenging one.

IGEWP was established due to the needs and challenges identified amongst interns and emerging IOPs across the country, coupled with a desire to pay it forward and support fellow emerging IOPs in this journey to IOP registration.

IGEWP was originally established in February 2021 as the Professional Practice Sub-Committee for Emerging IOPs, with the aim of assisting emerging IOPs (students and interns) in their journey to becoming qualified and registered professionals. The sub-committee then became a recognised SIOPSA Interest Group in December 2021.

Which field of psychology does the interest group target?

Assisting emerging IOPs

Vision and Purpose

The vision of IGEWP is to create a supportive and inclusive community that empowers and guides interns and emerging Industrial-Organisational IOPs in their journey towards IOP registration. IGEWP aims to foster a professional environment where emerging IOPs can thrive and contribute to the field of work psychology.

Strategic Objective

The mission of IGEWP is to provide a platform and resources for interns and emerging IOPs to navigate the process of becoming registered IOPs. The interest group strives to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and advocacy for emerging IOPs. IGEWP aims to address the needs and challenges faced by interns and emerging IOPs by providing guidance, support, and information related to internships, workplace readiness, ethics, transformation, professional organizations, corporate partnerships, university support, and international student issues.

What are the goals of the interest group?

  1. Provide a platform for emerging work psychologists to ask questions and have access to information about the process of becoming an intern and then registering as an IOP with the HPCSA. 
  2. Provide the opportunity and platform for emerging IOPs to network with fellow professionals, and have access to information pertaining to the IOP journey.
  3. To give emerging IOPs a voice by being a link in the communication chain between key stakeholders.
  4. Build relationships with key stakeholders to assist in bridging the gap between being an emerging IOP and a registered professional.

Committee Members

Marelie Botha
Marelie Botha
Nicole Hayes
Support Member
Jenna Wiliams
Jenna Williams
Carmen Latre
Carmen Latre
Support Member
Anesh Pillay
Anesh Pillay
Co-Vice Chairperson

Recent Achievements

Events held:

July 2021: Navigating an unstructured internship workshop
August 2021: Ethics 101 workshop
November 2021: Workplace readiness workshop
February 2022: NWU student chapter info session
March 2022: Quarterly report writing and internship tracking workshop
April 2022: Emerging IOP meet-up session
April 2022: Workplace readiness NWU graduate CV construction workshop
May 2022: Wellness workshop in collaboration with the Kaya Group.
July 2022: Emerging work psychologist’s Q&A webinar.
October 2022: UCT Student IOP information session webinar.
November 2022: Navigating an unstructured internship webinar.
March 2023: Workplace readiness workshop.

Joining this Interest Group

Who can join this interest group?

Emerging work psychologists: Industrial Psychology students, IOP interns, and registered IOPs

Why Join (Benefits and Opportunities)?

1. Access to Information: By joining IGEWP, members gain access to a wealth of information and resources related to the process of becoming a registered IOP. This includes guidance on internships, registration requirements, ethical considerations, workplace readiness, and practical exposure.
2. Networking Opportunities: IGEWP provides a platform for interns and emerging IOPs to connect and network with fellow professionals in the field. This networking can lead to valuable collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and the exchange of ideas and experiences.
3. Professional Development: The interest group offers workshops, sessions, and events focused on enhancing professional skills and knowledge. These opportunities can contribute to the growth and development of emerging IOPs, allowing them to stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.
4. Advocacy and Representation: IGEWP acts as a voice for interns and emerging IOPs, representing their interests and concerns to key stakeholders. By being part of the interest group, members can contribute to the advocacy efforts and actively shape the field of industrial psychology.
5. Collaboration and Partnerships: IGEWP collaborates with corporate partners, supervisors, and professional organizations to create meaningful connections and opportunities for its members. This can lead to mentorship programs, job placement assistance, and access to industry experts.
6. International Student Support: For international students pursuing a career in work psychology, IGEWP offers specific support and resources to address their unique challenges. This includes compiling and sharing FAQ documents tailored to international students' needs.
7. Personal and Professional Support: Joining IGEWP provides a supportive community where members can seek advice, share experiences, and find guidance throughout their journey towards becoming registered IOPs. The interest group fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its members.
8. Contribution to Succession Planning: As a member of IGEWP, individuals can actively participate in shaping the future of the interest group. By engaging in succession planning, members can help ensure that IGEWP remains relevant and representative of the needs of interns and emerging IOPs.

How to Join

To join, please contact IGEWP at emergingiop@siopsa.org.za. WhatsApp link

Interest Group Resources

Physical Address

Regus Ground Floor
Southdowns Ridge Office Park
Cnr John Vorster & Nelmapius Drive
Irene, Centurion
Pretoria, 0062

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